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We run frequent Public Courses in Vancouver, BC and also offer on-site training with our mobile lab at client locations.

Our course outlines show you the course contents and help you decide which level may be more suitable for you. Please click on a course to see the respective course outline and prerequisite.

Office 2013-2010-2007 Courses Level
Office 2016 New Features
Office 2013 New Features
Office 2010 New Features
MS Excel 2016-2013-2010 L-1 Intro
MS Excel 2016-2013-2010 L-2 Inter
MS Excel 2016-2013-2010 L-3 Adv
Excel Formulas, Functions and
Advanced Filtration
Excel LOOKUP Functions and
PivotTable Reports
Formulas and Functions for HR and Admin Professionals Inter
PivotTable and HR Data Management Inter
MS Access 2016-2013-2010 L-1 Intro
MS Access 2016-2013-2010 L-2 Inter
Best of PowerPoint 2016-2013-2010    All
Best of Outlook 2016 All
Best of Outlook 2013 All
Best of Outlook 2010 All
MS Word 2016-2013-2010 L-1 Intro
MS Word 2016-2013-2010 L-2 Inter
MS Word 2016-2013-2010 L-3 Adv
Windows Basic Courses Level
Microsoft Windows 8 L-1 Intro
Microsoft Windows 10 L-1 Intro

Course Pace and Contents:
Most participants want a lot to be covered in a day's time to get the best value for their time and money. Therefore, our courses are intensive, hands-on and tend to be fast paced. Please make sure that you have the pre-requisites for the level you have signed up. This will ensure that you get the most from the course.

Our course outlines are indicative of what is possible to cover off in a day's time. The group pace of a class determines how much exactly can be covered. On a good day, we are able to cover even extra material; and on some other days, we may have to leave a few exercises uncovered.

If you are not comfortable with the group pace in a class, we can offer you customized One-on-One training suitable to your personal pace, learning style and learning objectives. Please contact us for a quote.

Course Registration and Payment:
To register for a course, please visit our Course Registration page.

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