On-site Computer Training
With Our Mobile Lab

Professional Hands-on Courses
Delivered at Your Office

Do you have a group of employees to be trained?
Now, there is no need for them to drive all the way to downtown. Our trainer can deliver the training at your location with our Portable Computer Lab.

Benefits of On-site Training:
With on-site training, your employees are not gone away for the day. They are available for quick consultation, signature and attending emergencies. During class breaks, they usually get back to their desks and respond to emails & VMs. On-site training also saves them a lot on travel time, travel cost and related personal inconvenience.

The portable lab option frees you from the technicalities of hardware and software setup. Your employees simply walk into the classroom! We take just about an hour to setup the lab in your meeting room and generally do not need any support from your tech team.

Here is what comes with our on-site training:
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer to teach MS Office courses
  • We bring wide screen notebook computers for all       participants
  • We bring a DLP media projector
  • We bring wireless router/modem
  • All power & network cabling
  • We bring Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Course Completion Certificates for participants, signed       by Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Training Hours:Full-day Course: 9:00AM to about       5:00PM
  • Training Hours:Half-day Course: 9:00AM to 12:30PM or       2:00PM to 5:30PM

Course Offerings:
  • Excel Level-1 (Beginner)
  • Excel Level-2 (intermediate)
  • Excel Level-3 (Advanced)
  • Excel Advanced Functions and Formulas
  • Excel Data Management
  • Excel LOOKUP Functions
  • Excel PivotTable Reports
  • Formulas & Functions for HR and Admin Professionals
  • PivotTable & HR Data Management
  • Word Level-1 (Beginner)
  • Word Level-2 (intermediate)
  • Word Level-3 (Advanced)
  • Best of PowerPoint
  • Best of Outlook
  • Access Level-1

Course Pricing:
Due to the logistics involved, on-site training is most cost effective for a class of minimum 12 participants. At this level you do not pay any increase in course fee for receiving training at your door step. Also, there are no rental fees to be paid for using the mobile lab. However, there is a lab set up and transportation fee based upon your location. Outstation training may involve additional costs. A detailed quote is provided for each assignment.

Please note we are happy to train a smaller group of six employees as well.

How do I request a quote?
To set up a training session and to get an accurate quote, please send us an email with the following details. (Please write using your corporate email id. We are unable to respond to emails received from Hotmail, Gmail etc.)
  • Name of your organization and department
  • Your designation/title
  • Address of the training location
  • The version of software for training. Is it 2016, 2013,       2010 or 2007?
  • How many persons will be attending (each) course?
  • Approximate date(s) of training

We have been providing professional training to office workers for several years. Please check out what the past participants have to say about our training services: Please click to read.

Please email us your training needs. We would be happy to send you a quote.

Email: info@rapidtraining.ca

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