Online Training:
Important Information
for Attendees

Our OnLine courses are delivered by a live instructor and not by recorded videos. The courses are hands-on and interactive.

To take our courses online successfully, an attendee must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • The attendee's home/office computer must be a Windows PC with a Video Camera.
  • The screen size of the attendee's computer should be 15 inches or larger, since they will be working with two side by side windows.
  • A USB headset (headphone with microphone) is required for a clear audio conversation.
  • High speed internet connection is required. Wired is preferred over the wireless.
  • The attendee's computer must have the software that the attendee wants to learn. For example, if you have registered for an Excel course, Excel must be installed on your PC.
  • The attendee will need to install Zoom Video Conferencing app to join the training session. It can be downloaded for free on website.
  • A PDF Reader is required to view the course manual that will be sent to you as a PDF file.
  • Access to a printer to print about 25 pages of the hands-on exercises. You will refer to and take notes on these printed sheets during the class.
  • Our courses are hands-on and interactive. An attendee must keep the video camera on so that they are visible to the other participants and the Instructor. Please do not register for a course if you do not agree to keep the video camera on. A certificate of course attendance is issued only when 100% attendance is observed.

Additional Information:

  • An online course requires good computer skills with the mouse & MS Windows. Without these, attendees are unable to keep up with the class pace. They also tend to slow down the class. If applicable, an attendee should brush up these skills before taking the course.
  • Please familiarize yourself with Zoom Conferencing application by downloading and practicing.
  • You may also want to practice how to resize and place two application windows side by side. Please open, for example an Excel file and a web page. Resize these to about half the size of your screen and place them side by side. It's pretty easy.

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