Microsoft Office Training Courses Offered in Vancouver

Rapid Computer Training specializes in MS Office training in version 2016, 2013 and 2010. We provide training in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

For on-site group training at your company location, we bring our mobile computer lab to your office. Please visit the
On-site Training page for more details.

In many ways the the three versions of MS Office (2016/2013/2010) are quite similar. The course will be completed with Office 2016, the most widely used version. Please contact us if you specifically require training in older versions of MS Office.

Courses currently offered:

Office 2016-2013-2010 Courses Level  Course
Office 2016 New Features    $375    $35
Office 2013 New Features    $375    $35
Office 2010 New Features    $375    $35
MS Excel 2016-2013-2010 L-1 Intro    $250    $35
MS Excel 2016-2013-2010 L-2 Inter    $275    $35
MS Excel 2016-2013-2010 L-3 Adv    $275    $35
Excel Formulas, Functions and
Advanced Filtration
Inter    $350    $35
Excel LOOKUP Functions and
PivotTable Reports
Inter    $350    $35
Formulas and Functions for HR
and Admin Professionals
Inter    $350    $35
PivotTable & HR Data Management Inter    $350    $35
MS Access 2016-2013-2010 L-1 Intro    $325    $35
MS Access 2016-2013-2010 L-2 Inter    $350    $35
Best of PowerPoint 2016-2013-2010    All    $325    $35
Best of Outlook 2016 All    $325    $35
Best of Outlook 2013 All    $325    $35
Best of Outlook 2010 All    $325    $35
MS Word 2016-2013-2010 L-1 Intro    $250    $35
MS Word 2016-2013-2010 L-2 Inter    $275    $35
MS Word 2016-2013-2010 L-3 Adv    $275    $35
All Prices in Canadian $
Windows Basic Courses Level  Course
Microsoft Windows 8 L-1 Intro    $325    $35
Microsoft Windows 10 L-1 Intro    $325    $35
All Prices in Canadian $

Because of the small class size, it is a good idea to register well in advance. Before registering, please visit our Course Schedule page to check out the latest schedule.

Course Schedule and Duration:
All courses are 1 day long. (9:00 AM to about 4:30 PM or 5:00PM). The lunch break is 12:30 to 1:30.


Classroom Location:
Classes are held at 608-325 Howe Street in downtown Vancouver, close to Waterfront skytrain stations. Please click on the Google map for details.

Course Registration and Payment:
To register for a course, please visit our Course Registration page.

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