Specially Priced
Courses for Not-for-Profits

Training is a people business. Rapid Computer Training works with people and communities. We offer specially priced computer courses (50% off on the course fee) to certain not-for-profit organizations.

Small size not-for-profit organizations are keen to upgrade their computer skills to work with budgets, spreadsheets, databases, presentations and documentation. Our courses are very useful in meeting these challenges. Rapid Computer Training would like to assist small not-for-profits with our training expertise.

Which Not-for-Profit is Eligible?
A not-for-profit organization, without a fundraising arm, can avail of our specially low priced courses if your organization has five or less than five employees, and the prime focus of your organization is in the area of helping the homeless, environment protection, climate change and saving the endangered species .

NOTE: For Specially Priced Courses, please follow the information given on this page regarding Course Registration, Fee Payment and Cancellation Policy.

Course Registration:
Specially priced courses are offered on seat availability basis only. We keep a wait list of applicants interested in a particular course. Please send us an email with your name, phone and the course(s) of interest at info@rapidtraining.ca.
We will let you know as soon a seat is available for you.

You have a good chance to get a seat for frequently held courses. For other courses, one may have to wait for a few weeks or more.

Once a seat is available, we will send you our registration and payment authorization form. Your seat will be confirmed on receipt of your payment.

How to Make the Fee Payment:
When a seat becomes available, we will send you a notification for payment. To confirm your seat, you can make payment by Credit Card, PayPal or a Cheque. Please ensure that your cheque arrives at least six business days prior to the course date.

Course Manual:
The Course Manual costs $35+HST/GST each.


Classroom Location:
Classes are held at 608-325 Howe Street in downtown Vancouver, close to Waterfront skytrain station. Please click on the Google map for details.

Course Certificate:
A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course.

Cancellation, Date Change and Refunds:
-$50.00 per course will be deducted as admin charges for cancellation or date change of any confirmed seat.

-a participant not present for the course will lose the entire amount paid.

Course Pace and Contents:
Most participants prefer a lot to be covered in a day's time to get the best value for their time and money. Therefore, our courses are intensive, hands-on and tend to be fast paced. Please make sure that you have the right prerequisite for the level you have signed up. This will ensure that you get the most from the course.

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