Microsoft Office 2013-
New Features Training
in Vancouver

If your organization has recently upgraded to Office 2013 or is about to go for the upgrade, please consider our Office 2013 New Features training.

The Office 2013 user interface is very different from Office 2003 and older versions . The new version tends to slow down the workflow despite being better and more efficient. The main objective of this training is to get familiar with the new features of Office 2013.

After the training, participants are expected to be more comfortable with and efficient in using Office 2013. They will be happy to discover the new time saving and formatting features.

Public courses are offered in our classrooms at 325 Howe Street, Suite 608 in downtown Vancouver.

For group training, we would be happy to schedule a special class in our classrooms or at your office. This training is highly customizable both in content and delivery. Please ask for a quote for your specific training.


You can have this training in:
  • Hands-on Mode (classroom setting) or
  • Cost effective Seminar Mode (large groups only)

Info on Hands-on Mode:
Course Fee- $375+HST/GST per participant
Course Manual- $35+HST/GST each
Course Duration- One Day (9:00AM to about 4:30PM)
Class Location- 608-325 Howe St, downtown Vancouver
Course Schedule- Please click here Course Schedule

Info on Seminar Mode:
Course Fee- please ask for a custom quote.
Course Manual- $35+HST/GST each
Course Duration- Variable: Half-Day to Full Day
Class Location- your office or our classrooms
Class Scheduling- per your request.

The New Features training is meant for the users of earlier versions of MS Office. At least six months of experience working with earlier versions of MS Office. This course is not recommended for users new to MS Office.

Course Outline:
  • Word 2013 - New Features
  • Excel 2013 - New Features
  • PowerPoint 2013 - New Features
  • Outlook 2013 - New Features-Optional
  • Access 2013 - New Features-Optional

Please click to view: Detailed Course Outline

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