Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to send us an email if you do not find your question answered here.

Q: I am an Excel user and not sure if I should take Level-1 or Level-2?

A: To do Excel Level-2 directly, one must have a working experience with Excel using basic formulas, functions as well as absolute and relative cell references. Simple data entry experience may not be enough. Some participants without this experience, may find Level-2 a bit steep. Accordingly, take the level you will be comfortable with. Most people with just the data entry experience, benefit by taking both Level-1 & Level-2.

Q: How much are your course fees?

A: Different courses and levels have different prices. Please click on this link to view all the courses and their prices: Courses & Prices

Q: When is your next “XYZ” course?

A: We have our course schedule published for the entire year. Please click here to view the course dates for all courses: Course Schedule

Q: How long are your courses?

A: Most courses are one day long (9AM-5PM). A few courses are half-day long. Please visit the specific course page for more details.

Q: How do I register for a course?

A: The course registration is a two-step process. Please click here to visit our course registration page: Course Registration

Q: What is your cancellation or date change policy?

A: Please click here to view our cancellation and date change policy: Our Cancellation Policy

Q: Do you offer private One-on-One training?

A: No. All our training is classroom group training.

Q: Do you award a certificate of course completion?

A: Yes, of course. Our certificate is signed by Microsoft Certified Trainer with Microsoft logo.

Q: Do you offer customized courses?

A: Sure. We are happy to customize a course for a group of employees in your organization. Please send us an email with your specific training needs.

Q: What format do you deliver courses in?

A: All our training is hands-on and delivered by a trainer physically present in the classroom. Participants can interact with the trainer at any time.

Q: Do students share a computer in the class?

A: Not at all. Each student has a laptop connected to an external keyboard and an external mouse for speedy work.

Q: What is the prerequisite for taking your courses?

A: If you are taking a higher level course, you are expected to have taken the earlier level recently or have a work experience with the required skills.

Q: Are your courses slow paced or fast paced?

A: One-day format courses are generally medium to fast paced, since a lot of content is required to be covered in a short period. However, our courses come with a printed course manual and custom made course files. These are  great resources for consolidating and refreshing the classroom learning at a later date.

Q: Do you offer evening or weekend courses?

A: No, we do not. All our courses are on weekdays.

Q: I have a MAC. Do you offer training for MAC users?

A: All our training is delivered on PC /Windows platform since a majority of office staff works with Windows PCs.

Q: Do you have parking?

A: Our building does not have parking but there are several paid parking lots nearby. Please click here to view the parking map of our neighbourhood: Parking Map

Q: In what form do you accept the payment?

A: We accept VISA, MasterCard, Interac e-Transfer and PayPal. AMEX is accepted via PayPal only. The cheque option is available only for group registrations when payment by credit card may not be convenient.

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