Microsoft Excel
Formulas, Functions and
Advanced Filtration

One-Day Rapid Training in Vancouver

Rapid Computer Training runs this course as a scheduled public course. This course is based on Excel 2007/ 2010/ 2013/ 2016 versions. It is offered at 325 Howe St. in downtown Vancouver and also at client locations with our mobile lab.

This course is designed for persons who would like to focus on Excel formulas and functions as well as get a good handle on advanced sorting and filtering of data. If you have a good working experience of Excel but wish to get a better grip on these skills, this course is meant for you. Those who are totally new to Excel should take our Excel Level-1 course first.

Quality training is delivered by Microsoft Certified Trainers and other qualified computer professionals. The entire course is hands-on with Excel exercises. Participants get the Excel work files designed for this course.

For on-site group training, we bring our mobile computer lab to your office. Please visit our On-site Training Page for more details.

Course Fee: $350+HST/GST per participant
Course Material: $35+HST/GST
Course Duration: One Day (9:00AM to about 5:00PM)
Course Pace/Style: Medium to fast; hands-on, intensive
Class Location: 325 Howe St, Suite 608, Dntn Vancouver
Course Schedule: Please click here Course Schedule

Proficiency in Windows environment with excellent mouse skills. Some keyboard skills also required. Everyday work experience of Microsoft Excel or skills learnt in our Excel Level-1 course.

Course Outline:
  • Refreshing formula fundamentals
  • Using Relative & Absolute references
  • Creating named ranges for formulas
  • 3D Formula to create a consolidated summary
  • Using special text functions
  • Using TODAY function for date calculations
  • Using logical functions IF, AND, OR to get exact results
  • Calculating with SUMIF & COUNTIF functions
  • Setting up the VLOOKUP function efficiently
  • Making MATCH & VLOOKUP functions work together
  • Linking several workbooks to create a summary
  • How to create and manage an Excel Table
  • Excel Tables: New structured references for formulas
  • Using Excel as a List Database: Important considerations
  • Multi-Column Sort (vertical & horizontal)
  • Creating a Custom List
  • Using Custom Sort when a normal sort order won't do
  • Filtering Data
  • How to use the Advanced Filter with complex criteria
  • Using Excel Database Functions with complex criteria
  • Working with Nested SUBTOTALs

Courses can be customized to suit your training needs. Please send us a detailed email. We would be happy to provide you with the most cost effective solution.

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